Why Hire An In-Home chef?

Are you like the individuals and families who typically hire me to prepare their meals?                                       

  • Your schedule is insanely busy with personal and professional commitments.
  • You don't enjoy cooking as much as other activities that you'd rather do.
  • Take-out food has become boring and expensive.
  • Meals are repetitive because you only know how to cook a few dishes.
  • Cooking for a special diet is too challenging.
  • Recovering from an illness or surgery makes shopping, cooking and clean up unattainable.
  • You are a new mom and would rather focus on your needs and the needs of your baby rather than cooking.
  • You are a college student and can't remember the last time you had a healthy meal.

The Joy of Eating Well

An In-home chef can transform the way you think about meals.  The benefits my clients enjoy the most:

  • Freshly prepared nutritious meals that are cooked and ready to eat within minutes.
  • Taste you'll savor and appreciate, because the ingredients are fresh.
  • Gain control of the food you eat by consuming less fats, carbs and sugar.
  • No more meat and produce spoiling in the refrigerator.
  • Less stress and more free time to do the things you truly enjoy.
  • Satisfy your craving for your favorite cuisines or explore new ones.

A happier healthier life really is possible.  It all starts by partnering with me as your in-home chef!

Carolina offers a nice variety of cuisines that appeals to my husband and my tastes as well as our young girls. The dinners are perfectly portioned. If it were not for the beautifully stocked refrigerator shelves you would never know she was there!

-Melanie and Anthony D., Hamilton, NJ

One should eat to live, Not live to eat.
— Moliere