My Story

Friends and family will tell you that I spend most of my day in the kitchen when I am at home- just like my mom did. It's what I love to do!  It's where I plan meals, experiment and create.

Growing up, my mom didn't use recipes.  It took me years trying to master her meatball recipe.  She cooked from experience and went by the look, the feel and the taste.  The outcome was always delicious!

I am the first generation daughter of Italian immigrants whose passion for cooking led me on a journey to become a personal chef after careers as a teacher and in banking. 

The lessons I learned from my mother sparked my interest to expand to dishes from cultures around the world including Greek, Indian, Eastern European, Irish, English and German. 

I enjoy traveling to Europe and exploring new cuisines, recreating the special recipes from the countries that I visit.

I believe in nourishing our bodies with real, simple food that tastes like what it’s made of.  As an avid gardener, I believe in using fresh, seasonal produce whenever possible, reaping all the great nutrients and flavor.

I am an active member of the South Jersey Chapter of the USPCA. 

As your personal chef, I can share many cuisines with you and your family!

Carolina Faulkner

Olive tree in Sicily

Olive tree in Sicily