How It Works

Whether you are looking to have a break from cooking for just a few days a week, don't have time or the desire to cook at all, we have a package to meet your needs. 

Initial Client Consultation

We meet in your home so that I can become acquainted with your preferences and dietary needs through a detailed questionnaire. We also discuss packaging options and storage of your meals. Then, we schedule a convenient cook day for your service to begin. 

Recipe Research and Menu Planning

A customized menu is created from the information gathered at our initial consultation and a menu proposal is emailed to you for approval or tweaking. Look at our sample menu.

Grocery Shopping

 I hand pick the freshest ingredients possible to prepare your meals.

Meal Preparation

Customized dishes are prepared from scratch in your kitchen using mostly my cooking equipment and your major appliances.

Packaging and Storage

Meals are cooled, packaged and labeled with easy heating instructions and stored in your refrigerator or freezer for you to enjoy at your convenience. 

Clean Up

Your kitchen is left clean.

Subsequent Cook Dates

A menu proposal is emailed to you prior to each scheduled repeat cook date for your approval.  I have a library of recipes to keep your tastebuds intrigued, unless you want your favorites to be made again. See our FAQS.


Photography by Ben Duphiney

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