Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Personal Chef?

Unlike a private chef, a personal chef cooks for more than one client. The personal chef comes into the clients' home and prepares their meals in advance so that they can enjoy them at their convenience.

Why are the meals prepared in my home?

Health regulations require the personal chef to prepare the meals in the home of the client or in a commercial kitchen.

Are you insured?

Yes. I am fully insured.

Do I need to be home while you cook?

No. You do not need to be home as long as arrangements are made in advance so that I may gain access to your home.

How long will you be at my home cooking?

Your meals are made from scratch and the time it takes to complete the service depends upon the menu selections. 

What do I need to do to prepare for the cook date?

All you need to do is clear some counter space and be sure that the kitchen sink is empty.  We will discuss how much room we will need in your refrigerator or freezer during our initial consultation.

How much fridge/freezer space do I need to provide you?

It depends upon the number of different dishes that you request and the size of the storage containers.  I will select the most appropriate sized containers to obtain maximum storage and efficiency.  We will discuss it further at our consultation meeting.

How long do the meals last?

Cooked meals stored in the refrigerator should be consumed within 3-5 days depending on the type of food. Cooked fish should be consumed within 2 days.

Is it okay for me to help or watch while you cook?

For my safety and yours, I will be happy to chat with you at the beginning or end of the cook date.

Is it okay that I/we have a pet?  

I love animals as I have a dog of my own.  However, for the pet's safety and mine, I request that they be kept out of the kitchen and the areas that I will need access to prepare your meals.

What geographic areas do you service?

My service area includes Mercer County and Montgomery County, New Jersey including Hunterdon County, New Jersey and Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Considerations will be made to service areas not listed.

How much does the meal plan service cost and what does it include?

The cost of the service varies and is based upon the time it takes to research the recipes, plan the meals, go grocery shopping, the time it takes to prepare each dish, the packaging, labeling and storing of the prepared food and clean up. The cost of groceries is extra and is billed at cost. This allows you to choose from conventional produce  or organic produce, and less expensive to more expensive cuts of meat. Please contact me for more details. 

Do I pay ahead of each cooking date?

 Payment for service will be expected in advance of each cook date. 


Photography by Ben Duphiney