Organizing and Storing Spices

For those of us who love to cook and have a collection of spices that need organizing, I have a solution!

I love to cook multicultural foods, so I have a wide variety of spices in my pantry.  The international isle in the supermarket is my favorite isle to choose them. I can get a larger quantity of spices for a fraction of the cost of those that come in the cute plastic containers with the flip tops from the baking isle.  I’m sure you know the ones that I’m alluding to.   I can’t buy every spice that exists there, but I can get most the ones that I use for every day cooking from paprika to curry powder. These less expensive spices come in sandwich size cellophane type bags.

So what does one do with all of the spices that come in these bags? Well, I stored a bunch of them in a large freezer size Ziploc bag.  That meant I had to sort through the various spice bags to find the one that I needed.  That got messy and annoying.

Today, I found a way to organize my spices by perusing the kitchen stores for storage containers. As I found containers in all shapes and sizes, I began tallying up what it would all cost.  It didn’t make sense to buy all these expensive storage containers just to store the spices that I purchased inexpensively.  So I decided to go back to basics by using good old mason jars.  I found that they too come in all shapes and sizes.  Some of them were as small as those flip top spice ones you find in the baking isle! Viola! The best part was that mason jars are reusable and recyclable. I was sold!

As you can see from the picture that I took, the jars are pretty, can be easily labeled and will keep my spices fresh! I hope that I have inspired you to organize your spice cabinet and make cooking a more pleasurable experience.

Carolina Faulkner