Nothing Says Summer Like Pesto!

Summer Basil

I enjoy making pesto from the fresh basil that I grow in my garden during the summer months, but fresh spinach leaves will result in an equally vibrant and delicious pesto any time.  My formula for making pesto is basil + a couple of tablespoons of your favorite nut + a clove of garlic + good quality olive oil + salt and pepper to taste= delicious pesto!

Spinach leaves, arugula and parsley make great substitutes when fresh basil is not available.  An assortment of nuts can also be used such as pine nuts, walnuts and almonds.  Use your imagination! Garlic is not necessary unless you’re a garlic lover like me.  Salt and pepper are a must!

There is really no science to making good pesto.  My general rule of thumb is 3-4 handfuls of the green leaves, one clove of garlic, a couple of tablespoons of nuts, a pinch of salt and pepper and everything goes right into the food processor.  I pulse the ingredients a few times before spinning it full speed.  Once the ingredients are well chopped, I drizzle just enough olive oil into the spinning processor that the mixture becomes wet.  It will begin sticking to the side of the food processor bowl. 

You really can’t go wrong and oh how fresh and delicious your pasta, poultry or fish will taste!